<i>Sky & Telescope</i> February 2022 Magazine

Sky & Telescope February 2022 Magazine

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In the February 2022 issue of Sky & Telescope, planets aren’t what they seem, and the winter sky holds sparkling gems. While we hunt down glittering open clusters, planetary scientists are sending the Lucy and Psyche missions to suss out the secrets of asteroids across our solar system. Astronomers are also pondering the nature of exoplanets between the size of Earth and Neptune — for which there’s no analog back home. For this kind of exploration to continue, we’ll need new astronomers with new ideas. Living under bright skies and in underprivileged communities, thousands of children have never even seen the Milky Way, let alone been offered astronomy as a potential future career. What happens if the next great astronomer never finds out that astronomy is an option for them? Planetarium director Derrick Pitts is doing his part in Philadelphia to make sure that doesn’t happen.