Sky Atlas 2000.0 Deluxe Laminated

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By Wil Tirion & Roger W. Sinnott

Format: Spiral Bound

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The standard against which all other star atlases are measured. Each edition of Sky Atlas 2000.0 contains 26 large charts covering the whole sky, showing 81,312 single, multiple, and variable stars down to magnitude 8.5 and 2,700 of the best deep-sky objects scattered among them. Includes closeup charts of special areas such as the celestial poles and the Virgo-Coma galaxy region. This is the next step up from our Pocket Sky Atlas -- and a must for every serious telescope user!

The Deluxe Laminated Edition includes:
  • Deep-sky objects are color-coded by type for easy identification
  • Extra big and clear at 21 x 16 1/4 inches
  • Spiral bound along the top for easy field use.
  • Pages are laminated in waterproof plastic.

ISBN 13: 9780933346901