<i>Sky & Telescope</i> October 2021 Magazine

Sky & Telescope October 2021 Magazine

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In the October 2021 issue of Sky & Telescope, we’re taking a look into some age-old mysteries. Planetary scientists suspect that Venus may have had liquid water oceans in the past. So what happened? We’re also searching for clues to a prehistoric murder case: the extinction of the dinosaurs. We have two suspects: an asteroid strike or volcanic eruptions. But without a smoking gun, scientists can’t agree which is the culprit. Next, we’re hunting down the pieces of the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy, one of the many small galaxies that the Milky Way has ripped apart over the eons. And while several sources credit Esprit Pezenas with first noting the Gegenschein in 1730, his account in the Journal de Trévoux leads Don Olson to believe that what Pezenas actually saw was an aurora. So we’re combing through history for the true discoverer of this phenomenon.