<i>Sky & Telescope</i> September 2021 Magazine

Sky & Telescope September 2021 Magazine

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In the September 2021 issue of Sky & Telescope, we’re using binoculars to scan the skies around Cygnus, the Swan. Cygnus hides many spectacular objects in its feathers, like the Veil Nebula, a supernova remnant that holds a special place in many amateurs’ hearts. Meanwhile, physicists are going back in time to study an era that happened long before the star that exploded to create Cygnus’s Loop even began to form: We review what they’ve learned so far (and what they’re still hoping to figure out) about the universe’s earliest moments. Much closer to home, Saturn’s moons have thrown planetary scientists for a loop all their own. Observations from NASA’s Cassini mission initially led astronomers to consider that Saturn’s mid-size moons might be young. But investigating that possibility turned up some surprising revelations about what happens when moons orbit a giant planet.