Sky & Telescope's Celestial Globe

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This 12-inch freestanding globe allows you to explore the stars above as never before. It combines Sky & Telescope’s exclusive constellation patterns with an “inside-out” perspective that closely matches what you see in the sky. More than 2,900 stars are plotted to magnitude 5.5, with double and variable stars indicated. Labels identify nearly 300 common star names and more than 550 Bayer (Greek-letter) star designations. Also included are 109 Messier and 109 Caldwell deep-sky objects. All this is portrayed against a celestial-coordinate grid, all 88 constellations and their boundaries, and an ecliptic line annotated with both degrees and the Sun’s location throughout the year. (Note: the globe is not internally illuminated.)

Product specifications:

  • Constructed of dense, durable yet lightweight material
  • Comes with 8.5-inch (21.6-cm) diameter clear plastic stand and information sheet
  • Scale: 1° = 0.1 inch (2.7 mm)
  • Dimensions: 12-inch (30-cm) diameter
  • Weight: 3.7 lb (1.7 kg)

Although most S&T globes use imaging data gather by spacecraft, our celestial globe is an entirely homegrown effort. The algorithm for sizing the "dots" to show its 2,934 stars, the “stick figures” used to connect each constellation’s brightest stars, and the programming to projection everything onto a sphere are all done by S&T’s editors and especially by Senior Contributing Editor Roger Sinnott. The S&T staff knew the project would require far more effort than any previous globe project, yet the more we looked around, the more we realized that no one offered the detailed yet affordable star globe that we envisioned. And so, with a green light from management, we set to work.

Did You Know?
Sky & Telescope’s Celestial Globe includes proper (common) names for 194 stars, including 10 that were adopted in 2015 by the International Astronomical Union for stars with known planetary systems. These new monikers reflect more modern themes, such as Cervantes from Don Quixote.

ISBN 13: 9781940038551