Annals of the Deep Sky Volume 6

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By Jeff Kanipe and Dennis Webb

Product information: Softbound, 6 by 9 inches, 318 pages, first published 2018, black & white.

Annals of the Deep Sky is a comprehensive reference that guides amateur and semipro astronomers into every mind-boggling corner of the observational universe. Each volume presents extensive descriptions of prominent stars and deep-sky objects. No other popular work in astronomy provides the comprehensive historical background and astrophysical appraisals of prominent stars and celestial objects.  

Volume 6 explores the constellations of Chamaeleon, Circinus, Columba, Coma Berenices, and Corona Australis. Among the many objects profiled, Chamaeleon features a molecular cloud complex that occupies most of its central and eastern regions, as well as the Epsilon Chamaeleontis stellar association. Circinus, too, hosts a molecular cloud worthy of imagers’ focus, as well as a planetary nebula with an intriguing structure (NGC 5315) and ESO 97-13, the nearest Seyfert galaxy to the Milky Way. Further north in Columba we visit the runaway star of Mu Columbae as well as NGC 1851, a compact globular cluster that is a possible remnant of a dwarf galaxy. Coma Berenices is best known for its host of galaxies such as the Black Eye Galaxy M64, the edge-on spiral NGC 4565, and the interacting system known as the Mice (NGC 4676) — but it also hosts fascinating stars like the multiple system 35 Comae Berenices and the flip-flopping FK Comae Berenices. And in Corona Australis we encounter yet another molecular cloud, the very old globular cluster NGC 6541, and the binary galactic system NGC 6768.

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ISBN: 978-1942675112