Annals of the Deep Sky Volume 6

Annals of the Deep Sky Volume 6

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By Jeff Kanipe and Dennis Webb

Product Information: Volume 6, 334 6” by 9” pages, 223 illustrations, softbound.

Covers Chamaeleon, Circinus, Columba, Coma Berenices and Corona Australis.

The Annals of the Deep Sky: A Survey of Galactic and Extragalactic Objects is a comprehensive reference that guides astronomy enthusiasts into every mind-boggling corner of the observational universe. Each volume presents extensive descriptions of prominent stars and deep-sky objects in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere skies, including rarely observed objects and other celestial exotica. Incorporating the most recent findings in astrophysics and cosmology, deep historical context, and captivating illustrations and images, Annals provides readers with in-depth profiles of celestial objects beyond the solar system. The mission of every Annals volume is to guide observers on their own astronomical journey of exploration, whether it be at the eyepiece or from the comfort of a favorite chair on a rainy night. No other popular work in astronomy provides the comprehensive historical background and astrophysical appraisal of prominent celestial objects.

ISBN: 978-1942675112