Willmann-Bell, an imprint of AAS Sky Publishing, LLC

Sky & Telescope and the American Astronomical Society are thrilled and honored to continue the legacy of Willmann-Bell publishing as an imprint of AAS Sky Publishing, LLC. 

We are in the process of moving the substantial inventory of books to our product fulfillment vendor, a process that will take a while to complete. In the meantime, we are making available the most popular titles for purchase now. These include some well-known classics and the newly available and much-anticipated Volume 8 of the popular Annals of the Deep Sky series, the first to include high-quality color images.  Not all volumes of this popular series are currently available.  We apologize for this situation, but we need to complete additional print runs of a few titles to ensure plentiful availability. The balance of the inventory will become available as pallets are shipped, received and ingested by our fulfillment partner.  Thank you for your patience as we ensure the rapid and safe shipment of this precious inventory of astronomical knowledge.

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