Astronomical Photometry CD

Astronomical Photometry CD

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Authors: Arne A. Henden & Ronald H. Kaitchuck

For the Adanced Amateur & Professional Astronomer (Software for the IBM-PC)

In addition to writing a book on the subject Astronomical Photometry, the authors have written a professional level computer program based upon the techniques described in their book. The software package is a fairly complete photoelectric photometry data reduction system. There are several programs, each of which handle a different aspect of the reduction process. This modularity allows the user the flexibility to adapt the reduction process to their specific needs. Specifics are:

  • Input and output to the programs is via simple ASCII files.
  • There are five major programs which calculate:
    • dead time (if required)
    • instrumental magnitudes and colors
    • air mass
    • heliocentric Julian dates
    • extinction coefficients
    • transformation coefficients to the Johnson system
    • conversion to the standard photometric system
    • the reduction of differential photometry

Data from either a pulse counting or DC photometer system can be reduced Programs execute on an IBM-PC or compatible. Requires only 128K memory. Automatic selection of math coprocessor, if present. Supplies as both executable (compiled) programs and FORTRAN 77 source code.