Astrophysics with a PC

Astrophysics with a PC

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By Paul Hellings.

Product Information: 6.00" by 9.00", Softbound.

Astrophysics With a PC is the first book to appear in the English language for amateur astronomers who want to explore astrophysics with a personal computer. Among the subjects covered are the morphology of comet tails, meteor dynamics, distance calculations of wide binary stars, polytropes, homogeneous stellar models, stellar atmospheres, the structure of white dwarfs, star formation in the galaxy, individual stellar orbits in the galaxy and cosmological models for the Universe. Each of these subjects is first introduced to illustrate its importance in the global framework of astronomy. Then the relevant formulae and physical processes are discussed with qualitative physical arguments. In subsequent sections, the author provides numerical expressions, flowcharts and sample IBM-PC programs in QuickBasic that demonstrate these processes. Softbound, approximately 250 pages.