Best of Amateur Telescope Making, Vol. 2 (Issues 12 through 18)

Best of Amateur Telescope Making, Vol. 2 (Issues 12 through 18)

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Edited by William J. Cook.

Product Information: 429 pages, 284 illustrations (ATMJ's issues 12 through 18).

Over a period spanning nearly 10 years Amateur Telescope Making Journal published articles of interest to the telescope maker. The Best of Amateur Telescope Making presents 150 the best of these articles, fully edited and where appropriate corrected by the original authors, in two volumes totaling nearly 900 pages with 692 illustrations. These are ""How to Books"" that cover a wide range of subjects of interest to people who design, build and use telescopes for astronomy. A sampling of the subjects are as follows: Volume 2, 429 pages, 284 illustrations (ATMJ's issues 12 throught 18)

A 22-Inch Portable Telescope
Choosing a Wide-Field Telescope
Making Large Thin Mirrors
An Experimental Portable Observatory
Mirror Making and Testing Hints
Mirror-O-Matic Polisher/Grinder
Digital Knife-Edge Test Reduction
Design and Construction of a Modern Herschelian
Scrap Parts and the Life of the ATM
Figuring a Schmidt Corrector
A General-Purpose Yolo You Can Build
Evolution of a 10 x 70 Binocular
Test Methods for Elliptical and Spherical TCT Mirrors
An 8-inch Siderostat Refractor
An Ultralight Portable Dobsonian
The Multi-Schiefspiegler
A Binocular Singlet Refractor
Phase Contrast Testing
A Flat Tester Right Under Your Nose
A Portable Polar Siderostat
Lurie Anastigmats