Cannon of Lunar Eclipses (1500 B.C.-A.D. 3000) CD

Cannon of Lunar Eclipses (1500 B.C.-A.D. 3000) CD

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Authors: C. David Eagle & Liu Bao-Lin

This program is menu-driven and user friendly but no user manual is provided with the software. While the software and book are sold separately, the use of the book and software together is highly recommended. Circumstances of 10,990 lunar eclipses can be interactively displayed on the monitor screen, saved as an ASCII file or printed using an Epson or HP LaserJet compatible printer. Included are:

  • Serial number and type of lunar eclipse
  • Saros series number
  • Calendar date and Julian day number of the eclipse
  • Lunar eclipse magnitude
  • Position angles of first and last contact
  • Geographic latitude and longitude of the sublunar point at first and last contact
  • The value of DT 8 (Ephemeris/Dynamica)l and Universal Times of each eclipse phase.

The software includes the ability to search for eclipses which satisfy a user-defined criteria. The search options include visibility, magnitude and eclipse type. The visibility search option determines which lunar eclipses are visible (weather permitting) to an observer anywhere on the Earth. Inputs are the serial number search interval, geographic latitude and longitude of the point of interest. Calculations are performed for both the first and last contact of each eclipse — the results can be printed or saved as an ASCII data file.