Night Sky Observer's Guide Volume 4: The Glories of the Milky Way to –54°

Night Sky Observer's Guide Volume 4: The Glories of the Milky Way to –54°

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By George Robert Kepple.

The original purpose of The Night Sky Observer’s Guide was to close the gap between observing literature and modern optics. It provided the owner of a medium- or large-aperture telescope with some idea of what to look for in such instruments — both what objects can be seen, and what details may be seen within these objects. Now, with four volumes, it has become an indispensable resource for observing.

The Night Sky Observer’s Guide is especially aimed at amateurs interested in observing galaxies, nebula, and clusters, and also includes double and variable stars. The most famous or visually impressive of these have written descriptions similar to those for other deep-sky objects. 

Each chapter is devoted to a constellation, with general comments on the first page . The second page shows a map of the constellation facing a table of stellar data, which usually fills the entire page. The remaining pages of each chapter contain photographs, sketches, and finding charts. Throughout, descriptions of objects include views seen through different-sized instruments.

Volume 4 features the complete E. E. Barnard Catalog of Dark Nebulae. While it may be a challenge to detect most of the dark and bright nebulae from your backyard, practically all of the 977 clusters can be seen, and when you venture to a truly dark site, you will be prepared with this book.

Product Information: 8.5 by 11 inches, hardbound, 500 pages.

ISBN: 978-1942675068