august 2020 issue of sky and telescope with a satellite dish

Sky & Telescope August 2020 Magazine

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In August's issue of Sky & Telescope, advanced radio telescopes meet pre-World War I refractors. Learn all about George Nicholas Saegmuller’s innovative large refractors, including one that was thought to have been stolen or destroyed by Nazis during World War II. Then, we cover the development of radio astronomy over the past century and of massive radio telescope arrays that cover the globe. Next, join us as we point our telescopes at Sagittarius, take a deep dive into the Lagoon Nebula, and capture stunning images of Saturn and Jupiter. Read on to learn how you can contribute your planetary images to ongoing astronomy research. For the grand finale, we venture out to the coldest worlds in the solar system to study out-of-this-world volcanoes that erupt ice instead of lava.