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Sky & Telescope May 2024 Magazine

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Stellar Autopsies
Astronomers use supernova remnants to learn about the lives and deaths of stars that went kablooey.
By Camille M. Carlisle

Distant Lights in the Darkness
The James Webb Space Telescope has revealed a surprisingly rich treasuretrove of black holes in the early universe.
By Fabio Pacucci

Chasing the Magic
Here’s how to improve your chances of seeing and photographing the aurora borealis.
By Marybeth Kiczenski

The Story of Wolf 359
A little red sun in Leo was once the least luminous star known.
By Ken Croswell

Tracking Barnard’s Star
High proper motion makes this red dwarf in Ophiuchus the perfect target to follow over the years.
By Howard Banich