<i>Sky & Telescope</i> November 2020 Magazine

Sky & Telescope November 2020 Magazine

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In the November 2020 issue of Sky & Telescope, we’re giving Comet NEOWISE one last hurrah with some of our favorite images from our readers. From comet success to comet mystery, we also cover the story of Comet Biela. Though it wasn’t as bright as Comet Neowise, Biela’s comet caused some out-of-this-world meteor showers in the 1800s. They dwindled over time but didn’t dissipate. So we’re wondering: What really happened to Comet Biela? If you’re up for another mystery, we’ve figured out how to measure stars’ ages by how fast they rotate — but older stars don’t rotate as slowly as expected. Astronomers are still pondering, why not? While we parse these questions, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is catching the closest views ever of our own star, and we cover its first science results. Finally, S&T Contributing Editor Steve Gottlieb has combed through the logbooks of E. E. Barnard, sharing with us deep-sky discoveries that have been hidden for more than 130 years.