Sky & Telescope's 15-cm Earth Globe

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You can have the whole world in your hand with our new 6-inch (15-cm) Earth globe.

The mosaic used for this globe incorporates the Natural Earth 2 database, created by cartographers worldwide. It portrays our planet in an idealized, cloud-free perspective with little human influence. No geopolitical boundaries are shown.

Earth’s continents appear with coloring that is suggestive of the regional environment. For example, Greenland and Antarctica appear white to denote their deep covering of ice and snow. Deserts have tan hues, plains appear light to medium green, and tropical regions are dark green. Shaded relief has been added to make major mountain ranges readily apparent.

The oceans appear transparent to reveal many of the geologic features on their floors; major spreading centers and convergence zones are associated with plate tectonism. This constant but gradual overturn of crustal plates, and the volcanic activity that occurs at plate boundaries, is driven by heat escaping from Earth’s interior.

The globe comes with a freestanding, clear plastic base and an information card describing key Earth facts and how the globe was made.

ISBN 13: 9781940038513