Sky & Telescope's Solar Eclipse Globe

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The Solar Eclipse Globe has arrived! This is the first globe ever constructed that depicts the paths of total solar eclipses – nature's most spectacular sky sights. Designed and constructed by cartographer (and avid eclipse-chaser) Michael Zeiler of, this unique 12-inch globe carefully plots the paths of every total solar eclipse from 2001 to 2100. Each eclipse track of these is labeled with a small yellow circle at the point where the duration of totality is longest, along with the eclipse's date (reckoned in Universal Time) and totality's maximum duration. Also included are the extremely thin paths of "hybrid" solar eclipses, which can appear total or annular depending on the observer's location along the path. The globe sits in a freestanding base, so you can pick it up and examine any area closely. As fascinating visually as it is instructive, this unique globe is a "must" for anyone who's witnessed a total solar eclipse or who longs to see one.