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By Jean Meeus.

Product Information: 8.50" by 11.00", 75 pages, softbound.

Transits of Venus across face of the Sun rank among the rarest astronomical phenomena — only 81 occur during the 6,000 year period spanning -2000 to +4000.

The last transit of Venus took place over 100 years ago (1882) but 2 will occur early in the next century (2004 and 2012).

Transits of Mercury are somewhat more frequent — 117 occur during the 700 year period +1600 to 2300. Four Mercury transits will take place between 1993 and 2006: 1993, 1999, 2003 and 2006.

This book presents elements, geocentric data for all transits of Venus from -2000 to +4000 and Mercury from +1600 to +2300.

The elements are based upon the highly accurate planetary theory VSOP87 developed by Bretagnon and Francou at the Bureau des Longitudes of Paris, France.

These elements allow the calculation of local circumstances and Jean Meeus has provided all necessary formulae and worked examples to do this. Also presented is a discussion (without elements) of transits seen from other planets.